Photography with Kids

Family Photo Season is upon us! As a photographer I love it, I get to meet new families and capture seriously adorable moments.  

I also get see the same families year after year, documenting the growth of children, and the grey hairs on Dad! Despite my overall excitement, I have heard from parents that the Family Photo Session feels more like chaos and meltdowns wrapped in a convenient anxiety flavored burrito.  

Why you may ask? The answer: toddlers.  We love them and they honestly make the most adorable photos ever, but they cannot be posed and seldom contained! How can you make your photo session as stress free as possible, and dare I say fun? Well, I cannot guarantee a zero-stress environment, but I can give you all the tips and tricks I have picked up from my awesome friends and clients to make for as seamless of an event as possible!


Tip 1. Don't be above bribery!

I have seen fruit snacks, stickers, tiny toys and endless promises of ice cream! I will say, the most effective bribes tend to be the ones right there in view of the kids! My big word of advice here is, if using candy or any other food, avoid something that will stain their mouth! So, skittles, jolly ranchers, etc are a no go! 

Tip 2. Bring baby wipes!

I try to keep some on board, but as most parents have discovered, baby wipes are the magic little dirt eraser! 

Tip 3. Bring a favorite book or some music to hang out and enjoy together!

I will keep snapping while your family simply has some time together! These real moments make for the best family photos!  

Tip 4. Be okay with the crazy kids running around!

I promise your kids aren't the only ones who have cried, taken a drive, had a potty accident -or decided to roll in dirt! Trust me I have seen it all and worked with it all! Just be you, and let your family be as crazy as it usually is! I will run behind kids, and get the pictures you didn't think possible (That's kinda my thing)!  

Tip 5. Don’t try to schedule your session during nap or bed time! I know it is so tempting to snag that perfect golden hour time slot. But if your kids go to bed early, they will probably be miserable during an evening session. I promise, I can make any hour look good!

This being said, I cannot make high noon look like sunset, so we do have to be reasonable with expectations. I can make high noon look pretty awesome in it’s own right!

Tip 6. Laugh! Laugh! Laugh! The more fun you are having, the more you will love looking back on the day you decided to tackle family photos! 



All of this being said, know that I schedule sessions with built in buffers! So you have the time to change a diaper or give your tiny human a time out.  You also have time for bathroom breaks, an outfit change (if a little accident happens) and any other unforeseen chaos! Ultimately, this is about you and your family, so don't stress the small stuff, take a deep breath and know we will get the photos! It's what I do!


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