Another Cali or Bust Moment - Roadside Fruit!

With Summer creeping up, it is really hard to understand why anybody would live anywhere other than California.  A major perk, driving 5 minutes up the street and running into 10 fresh strawberry and cherry stands! Fruit is quite literally picked 20 feet away a from the stand, where you exchange cash for gold!  



This is my favorite spot - run by a woman and her Aunt, they plant, pick and sell all Strawberries.  When I pulled out my camera she offered to make a beautiful basket for the photos! 



A few miles up the road, cherries, oranges and more strawberries!  



Not only is is amazing to get a pile of cherries for 5 bucks, it is really fantastic to get to chat with and support the local farmers.  I love farmers markets, but there is something magical, at least to me, about a road side produce operation!