Birth Photography And My Continued Journey in Showcasing The Power of Women

I often look at my portfolio and think, “where are you going with this Morgan, what are you trying to say?” I think most artists ask themselves these questions, that’s what keeps art impactful. The answer for me has not been easy. I love shooting a wide variety of subjects: weddings, family photos, boudoir, burlesque and my new found love Birth! I always say I shoot love, unscripted. And I do! But most recently I have found that one driving force, the one thing I think carries through most of my work, and the one thing I wish to honestly pursue; the absolute power of Women. 

About a year ago a dipped my toes in the world of birth photography, I wasn't too excited, but every single one of my good friends was pregnant, trying or about to pop! So I decided I was at least going to try to document their full journey, from maternity to birth to tiny fingers and toes.  Because that is what I do, it is what I love to do, and it is what I will always do (even when my loving test subjects aka my girlfriends resist LOL)

Birth photography, to my surprise, took my breath away, it is so powerful, and scary, and beautiful in ways I don't think I can really put into words.  But hopefully, as I continue on this path, I can show you. 

Thank you Amanda for sharing your birth story with me! You are a beast and an amazing Mama! I cannot wait to capture more memories with Tyler Grace!