Loving Day at SF City Hall

Meet Ebony and Lee, their story is a classic 21st century love story I will get to in a minute. Their wedding day was an homage to love, no matter the obstacles.

“Under our Constitution, the freedom to marry, or not marry, a person of another race resides with the individual, and cannot be infringed by the state,” - Chief Justice Earl Warren

June 12th, 2019 marked the 52nd anniversary of The Supreme Courts ruling on Loving v. Virginia.

In a unanimous decision, the justices found that Virginia’s interracial marriage law violated the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

Thanks to the Loveing's this wonderful and gorgeous couple was able to tie the knot, and they did so on the June 12th, a day so aptly refereed to as Loving day.

Their Love Story In Their Words

Well like a lot of couples in the 21st century Lee and I met online, the app Bumble to be exact. 

We matched matched April 25 and immediately started talking. After him asking me out on a date and me ghosting him (for like 3 days) we set a time and day for our first date. May 4th at a Sacramento staple, Sam’s Hof Brau we had our first date. Neither of us expect to be sitting there for almost 3 hours, so date number two was booked before we even left the first date. 

Fast forward - one month (I started staying weekends), month two (I have my own drawer), month seven (we’ve moved into our own place together). Now on this time we’ve started traveling together, meeting family and friends, the whole nine yards. Fast forward two more months, Lee proposed the day before my birthday March 31st. The evening of the proposal was a never ending train wreck, but it’s an amazing story for another time. 

A few weeks after becoming fiancés, we started the process of venue hunting. After the 5th venue and the crazy asking prices for these venues, I started to stress and I stressed myself to the point of no return. Lee being the ever calming in the storm of Ebony stayed encouraging and ever level headed throughout this process. Until one night over always needed cocktails, I look at him and say “we should just go to city hall in San Francisco, make it official and then do a big ole fat wedding next year.” He’s game, anything that saves money doesn’t take to much convincing. 

It’s mid May when we’ve decided to elope, I’ve started making spreadsheet and cost comparisons. Looking up when the best days are to go, just researching like a nut. I’ve always wanted to get married on September 21st because I love the song “September” by Earth Wind and Fire but I’m not going to wait that long. I suggest “Loving Day” followed by telling him what the day is and a visual aid in the form of a movie. It’s perfect! I can plan a city hall wedding in a month and June 12th is Wednesday, easy peasy. 

Now time to find a dress. I want something simple, I don’t want to spend to much for an elopement. Thank the good lord almighty I ordered the dress when I did. I got my dress, and it was.... AWFUL!! It looked like I was wearing a bed sheet. I had no shape in the dress and I was infuriated and panicked at the same time. What’s the best way to deal with this situation? You buy 3 new dresses. My aunt bought be one from David’s bridal and I purchase 2 from Torrid’s new bridal collection. Now it’s just hoping and praying that one of them fits and of course I made sure they were all refundable. The one I went with was from the Torrid line it was flattering and I’ve never felt more comfortable or beautiful. 

This was perfect for us. We aren’t flashy people and the pressure of a wedding made us uncomfortable. We are just two people in love and we are happy that we can legally get married. I’m grateful for the sacrifices the Lovings made so everyone can have their happy ever after. It’s even crazier to see people’s face after you tell them the history of our wedding date.