August So Far...

August has been an amazing, beautiful and inspiring month for me so far! I had the honor and pleasure of shooting my sister from another misters wedding (that happened to be in my godparents back yard)! I have met new clients that have allowed me to peak in on their lives for a few short hours, and I have finally found my way back to painting!

I am finally finding my path in photography and art.  It is a long fought path, and one I am so happy to be on!

Here is a peak from the month in photos!

On top of all of this my wonderful, talented, brilliant and stunning friend moved back home from San Diego! She has a baby bump so expect those photos soon (I Just have to convince her) LOL

I think the best part of August is there is still more days to shine and create! I am hoping to get to the solar eclipse's full totality path, get some night sky shots, and maybe get the guts to upload some original stay tuned!


Trusting her instincts was the hardest thing she ever did. There was that wimpy little voice insider her, cautioning her not to take this risk. There were times along the way when she was so scared she almost quit. But she listened to the whisperings of her heart. She pushed forth with in her skills, in her work ethic and her knowledge that she could succeed!!
— Suzy Toronto


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