My Dog, My Blog, A Fire and Some Wine

We adopted a puppy…

In short, he is my partner in crime.  He is a he, named Winston.  We adopted him from PB SOC in Sacramento at the Animal Shelter off Bradshaw road.  They do amazing work, if you are looking for a dog go there!! Any-who, I am hoping to get him trained enough to help haul camera gear on the meantime we will cuddle by the fire and sip wine.  This Fall/Winter weather has us pretty pumped around here! The Fall Sunsets…

The whole scoop.  I seriously underestimated the chaos that is a puppy.  So pretty much all of my time goes to him! Including my photography! Lucky for me he is the cutest dog around, just look and see for yourself.

All of my shoots now include a ‘Winston Role’…

In other news – we are planning a three or four week road trip this summer! Through some major national parks up to a family Lake House in Idaho and back down the West Coast! So any requests please let me know.  This blog space will become my photographic journal! And leading up to the trip I will be posting all about the planning process, from dreaming it up to booking camping spots and more! Don’t worry fellow Vinophiles, wine tasting in unexpected places is on the list!

That brings me to my blog, and its future.  I originally planned on making this my space for photography and that was it.  But as I go forward I see this as more of my LifeBlog…A place for you to follow me and learn from my mistakes in both life and photography; all will be shared through words and photos.  My goal – to document my life in Photos.  Not an easy challenge, but one I am excited about. 

In the spirit of this challenge, here is a quick snap from my new favorite nook in this world! This magical location is 20 minutes away from the house!

Why Wine and How Wamping Has Becaome a Thing

Why Wine and How Wamping Has Becaome a Thing

Why do I love wine…well wine has always been a big part of family gatherings for me.  Picking the perfect bottle of wine to go with dinner was something I always loved doing with my Dad or Godfather, even when I had no idea what I was doing because I was 10. 

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