The Andersons - Pregnancy Announcements to Gender Reveals!

I have had to wait a while to share these photos!! But I can finally share…

Sacramento family phtographer

I love it when friends trust me enough to capture all of their family photos, and special events! On this particular outing, my friends surprised me with a pregnancy announcement! I started to ugly cry, I shot through it like a true professional…okay, I stopped and balled with total and utter excitement!

Of course, it was way to early to tell the world, so I had to keep my trap closed. But them being pregnant wasn’t even the big surprise…they are having twins!

Not only did I get to capture this families announcement, we just clobbered their gender reveal. The results…a boy and a girl! I can’t wait to get the maternity photos, birth, new born, first birthday…college graduation…wedding…

Sacramento family photographer