Capturing Unscripted Love


"Rare it is when someone has the ability to capture a moment that embodies something magical…Even rarer is when that someone has the ability to make others come alive and feel natural in their own skin. Thank you Morgan for the time spent with you and the magic that you captured. " - Luna 2016


Artistic expression has always been in my life.  When I wasn't painting, I was sketching, sculpting (well trying to), finding things to craft, rehab or up cycle.  Photography, some how, never entered into the rotation.  Maybe because I always thought - no, my Brother is the photographer!  However, on a day full of creative epiphanies, I grabbed my brothers camera. I fell in love.  Like hard core, life changing LOVE! I was able to capture lighting in a way I never thought possible.  This passionate affair has continued for years, with no end in sight.