Your Photographer Should be Someone You Want as a Guest at Your Wedding!

My philosophy with wedding photography is the same as portraiture - it is about creating images that are unique to you and your partner. They are art, capturing life, not mimicking. Wedding photography is hard, it can be stressful, and it keeps this photographer awake at night. However, weddings also allow for beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime images.  They open the doors to creativity, and push me to be better at my Art. There are no re-shoots, there is no room for regrets as a photographer.  You must prepare and perform.  It is this pressure, surrounded by love and joy and usually beautiful floral, that gets my creative juices flowing! 

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Portraiture as Art

My journey in photography has been a wild one.  I was trying to find myself as a photographer, as I was trying to establish my photography business.  I attempted to give clients everything they wanted and more, while still  developing my personal style, and keeping my artistic photography in a separate box.  What I started to see in this attempt to keep my artistic style seprate from my clients needs, was a feeling of monotony and sameness.  I was essentially regurgitating Pinterest, booking volume and although I produced what I considered beautiful photos, they weren’t showcasing the rare beauty or individuality of each person in front of my lens. 

And then, one day the light bulb really went off.  

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Birth Photography And My Continued Journey in Showcasing The Power of Women

I often look at my portfolio and think, “where are you going with this Morgan, what are you trying to say?” I think most artists ask themselves these questions, that’s what keeps art impactful. The answer for me has not been easy. I love shooting a wide variety of subjects: weddings, family photos, boudoir, burlesque and my new found love Birth! I always say I shoot love, unscripted. And I do! But most recently I have found that one driving force…

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Love is in the Air!

The 2018 Wedding and Engagement season is up and running! And I couldn't be more excited.  And how could I not be when I get to meet seriously cool people, like Erin and Jareth?

You can feel the love when you are around these two, their laughter is contagious, and their wedding is going to be epic!!

I am both honored and excited to see them again in April! Congratulations love birds!

Sacramento Wedding Photographer
Sacramento Wedding Photographer

Did you know when you book your wedding with me, you get a complimentary engagement session! 

And, if you book through the end of February I will include a Bridal Portrait session as well! Not sure what that is and why you want one? Click here to read all about it!

Sacramento Wedding Photographer

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