Love is in the Air!

The 2018 Wedding and Engagement season is up and running! And I couldn't be more excited.  And how could I not be when I get to meet seriously cool people, like Erin and Jareth?

You can feel the love when you are around these two, their laughter is contagious, and their wedding is going to be epic!!

I am both honored and excited to see them again in April! Congratulations love birds!

Sacramento Wedding Photographer
Sacramento Wedding Photographer

Did you know when you book your wedding with me, you get a complimentary engagement session! 

And, if you book through the end of February I will include a Bridal Portrait session as well! Not sure what that is and why you want one? Click here to read all about it!

Sacramento Wedding Photographer

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Introducing Female Friendly Boudoir!

My focus has always been, and will always be, making each of my clients feel comfortable and beautiful in front of my camera. This philosophy will follow me in my pursuit of boudoir! I want all women, no matter shape, size or color to feel empowered after a session with me. I want you to look at your photos and think, "oh my god I am a Goddess!"

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Photography with Kids

Family photo season is here! As a photographer I love it, I get to meet new families and capture seriously adorable moments.  But I have heard from some parents that the Family Photo Session feels more like chaos and meltdowns wrapped in a convenient anxiety flavored burrito.

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Finding My Inner Sparkle with Sparkle Bridal Couture

Last weekend I had the most amazing opportunity to document a window display at Sparkle Bridal Couture! It was so fun watching the creative brain child of Danielle Roe Events come to fruition before my very eyes! I also have the honor of being a featured photographer at Sparkle this entire month.  So to say I am excited would be a gross understatement.


Part of this feature included a mini questionnaire about myself and my photography! I decided to share it with you! I think the questions really helped me explain my style and method when shooting weddings!

So enjoy getting to know a little bit more about me:

How long have you been a wedding photographer?  What got you started? What did you do before?

I have been a wedding photographer for two years now! I have always enjoyed photography as a hobby, but after being laid off from a corporate job, I decided to dive fully and whole-heartedly into my creative side! And photography has been it for me ever since! I am probably the only person that is truly thankful for a corporate merger!

What is your favorite part of being a wedding photographer?

I absolutely love the positivity and happiness you get to experience when shooting a wedding.  There is nothing like it! Yes, it is a high stress job, but that stress forces me to dig deep into both my creativity and perfectionism as a photographer! And that makes each wedding a unique and beautiful experience.


What do you first notice about couples you work with?

Their vibe!! Are they serious, goofy, lovey, all of the above?  The vibe of each couple is different, and that uniqueness creates beautiful photography every time!

Do you have a most notable moment in your career – i.e. over-the-top wedding? local/national celebrity/persons of interest wedding/event? Any awards?

I am still pretty young in the photography world, but my most notable accomplishments so far have been getting two photos featured on the official Sony Camera website. A close second would have to be shooting my close family friends weeding.  She may not be a celebrity, but it was a wild wedding with a bunch of crazy Navy guys and a dance floor built over a pool, in a backyard!

What advice would you give a bride looking to work with a photographer?

Interview them, and don’t be afraid to shop around! Your style should be highlighted by the photography! If your photographer has a super bright “catalog-look,” but you are a more Boho-hippie kinda gal, then you will probably hate the photos! No matter how talented the photographer is!

Have you traveled to a place that has inspired you creatively? If you could go to any place in the world, where would it be?

As crazy as this will be to some, we have a family house on Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho that never disappoints! This summer we had the pleasure of spending a month there, and it changed how I look through the lens! I felt recharged and ready to push myself with my art! I cannot wait to go back.

If I could go anywhere, I would travel to India to witness the celebration of Holi. The photography I have seen come out of the celebrations is awe inspiring.  And the more I research the meaning behind the festival the more I feel a tug to go!

If you could only keep 5 possessions, what would they be?

This is pretty easy! My camera, my favorite book (Friday Night at Honeybees), a quilt from my great-grandma, my wedding ring and a photo album with family photos! If my husband and dog count as possessions then I would take them over anything!

What is the #1 played song on your phone/ipod??

This changes with the season, but right now it is a little tune called, “Give Me the Simple Life,” by Steve Tyrell

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

If it’s not photography, it is painting and reading!

Anything else you'd like to add:

The absolute coolest part of calling photography my job, is I love every minute of it! And better than that is the people I get to meet, the opportunities it brings and the self-confidence it has granted me! I look forward to meeting anybody reading this! And a huge thank you to Sparkle, for featuring me as their September photographer! What an honor!


Road Trippin 2017

We made it out of town! And let me tell you, it wasn't easy...between packing for all weather possibilities, buttoning up the house and dealing with an unfortunate main sewer line break, I thought we were not going to make it out of Sacramento!

However, after a few short hours on the road we ended up in Crater Lake, but not before Mt Shasta gave us quite the show.

Expect a lot more photos soon!

Another Cali or Bust Moment - Roadside Fruit!

With Summer creeping up, it is really hard to understand why anybody would live anywhere other than California.  A major perk, driving 5 minutes up the street and running into 10 fresh strawberry and cherry stands! Fruit is quite literally picked 20 feet away a from the stand, where you exchange cash for gold!  



This is my favorite spot - run by a woman and her Aunt, they plant, pick and sell all Strawberries.  When I pulled out my camera she offered to make a beautiful basket for the photos! 



A few miles up the road, cherries, oranges and more strawberries!  



Not only is is amazing to get a pile of cherries for 5 bucks, it is really fantastic to get to chat with and support the local farmers.  I love farmers markets, but there is something magical, at least to me, about a road side produce operation!